Crew Builders Process

Design Development

The  design  development  stage  is  the  process  of  getting  the  project  on  paper.    This  involves  not  only  the  Architect,  but  other consultants such as Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers.  At CREW builders, we have extensive experience helping coordinate with all consultants and this experience is valuable when it comes to streamlining the preconstruction phase.  We commonly  lead  design-build  projects  and  with  our  great relationships  with  Engineers  &  Architects,  we  can help  ensure  document preparation is concise and accurate.


CREW builders’ provides exceptionally detailed estimates.  Our estimates, whether based on conceptual drawings or from plan and specifications,  are transparent  and  easy  to  read.   This  provides  owners  and  clients  with  comfort  and  peace  of  mind  knowing  what their  budget  contains.    If the  client  requests  value  engineering  solutions  in  order  to  meet  budget  constraints,  CREW  builders  can provide this while keeping the overall integrity of the original design.


With the initial design and budgeting phase complete, next step is the creation of construction documents. This includes combining architectural drawings with all other engineered drawings(Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural, Fire-Sprinklers, etc) and submitting to the required authority for approval and obtaining the applicable permit(Grading, Demo,Building, etc). The successor to the permitting phase and one of the driving forces behind the success of the project is scheduled. The schedule illustrate the flow of project and is road map from start to the finish of the entire project.

While initially created during the pre-construction phase the schedule has a logical flow but is usually work in progress and comes to life when the permits are obtained. With this in mind , it is imperative that no matter who is the builder behind a project being an inherit problem solver is a must. The schedule is a dynamic illustrator of flow and sequences work to occur in a productive manner that supports quality and competitiveness. The schedule should properly integrate all responsibilities of the project from leasing to owner occupancy dates.

Through collaborative communication and over the course of the project the schedule should include items like furniture moving, phone installation and other applicable owner/tenant requirements. This effective communication assures a seamless flow that results in eliminating downtime and allows our clients to conduct business as soon as possible.During the course of the project, we take a proactive approach of eliminate blemishes or imperfections to the projects in order to minimize or hopefully prevent the need for punchlist.


rom  lease  negotiations  to  project  completion,  we  provide  full  Critical  Path  Method  (CPM)  scheduling  that  shows  roles  and responsibilities  for  all  involved  in  order  to  ensure  on-time  completion  and  success  of  the  project.    CREW  builders  will  show milestones  including  permitting,  procurement,  inspections  and  other  project  related  milestones  specifically  tailored  to  meet  the client’s needs.  CREW builders will provide schedule updates throughout the project in order to effectively communicate and keep the team properly informed.

Project Management

The project management services  we provide are so effective they can be done either via conference call, by email or on-site with weekly progress meetings.  We lead a great team by empowering all involved in the project and we are all accountable to another.  We work seamless with owner vendors (IE tel/data vendors, furniture vendors etc) and can assist with  coordination.  The expertise that  our leadership  brings is  unparallel and  ensures  success.    Our  projects  are  critical  to  our  survival,  and  we  put  great effort  into each and every one.