Poway Restaurant Remodel Contractor

Just as with our home remodels, we believe every business is unique, and so is each property. Your space should reflect your businesses, from branding to functionality. With proper planning, quality craftsmanship, and honest work, we service businesses across the Dallas area. We can remodel commercial spaces of all sizes, from restaurants, showrooms, offices and more. And with every project, our team of highly-qualified designers and contractors dedicate their vision and care to making your dream a reality.

Our distinctive, full-service remodeling approach focuses on serving you from consultation to design through installation and execution. Through our years of experience, we truly understand that timing is everything, and having your business operate smoothly throughout the remodel is key. For that reason, our project managers ensure every step stays on track, working diligently towards the agreed-upon deadline. Every team member is trained to think and work proactively, sequencing the process to execute each step efficiently and on-time.

We also believe our work with you is a partnership. We communicate consistently throughout the entire process so you’re in-the-know while trusting us to handle the nitty-gritty. With a balance of communication and check-ins, you can rest assured that we’re meeting your wants and needs, and adhering to timelines, all while allowing you to focus on running your business.

Check out our gallery to see our work in action! No two remodels are alike. Each space is designed to be unique but executed with equal care from the Striker team.

When choosing the right team for your Dallas Retail Remodeling, you need to work with someone who has the working knowledge and hands-on experience to get the job done. At Monoxy® we know the nuances of the ever-changing retail construction industry. So whether your space is a boutique or you have plans for a grander scale project, we can take care of that for you. Creating the ideal retail space for your business is as important to us as it is to you.
We know what it takes to make an attractive and highly desirable final result. Your Dallas Remodeling Contractor understands the market and pride ourselves on offering the best in design, craftsmanship and customer service. You need to feel confident that you are working with someone that has a grasp on what it takes to create a positive space that will lure in prospective clients. Our goal is to be part of your success by helping design and build the space you dreamed of building.

Add Value To Your Business With Restaurant Renovations
A professionally constructed restaurant renovation will not only bring you a great deal of functionality, but it will also add substantial value to your commercial space.

As soon as your customers enter your restaurant, it will make a great impression, and let’s face it, first impressions matter in the restaurant industry.

Covenant Construction Services can take care of all types of restaurant remodeling jobs, from the simplest to the most complex!

Whether you just want some new flooring or fixtures to a fully revamped floor plan complete with new seating or a new back kitchen spread – we’ll work closely with you to make sure the finished project is up to your high standards.

Restaurant Remodeling Ideas
One of our technicians can come to your current business so you can spell out your restaurant renovation ideas in detail.

This type of job takes a great deal of planning, and we will be there for you every step of the way.

We only use the highest quality products and we back our work with unsurpassed guarantees. Here are just a few restaurant remodeling ideas you may want to consider for your project:

Bar Tops – You may want to think about expanding your range of color choices if you want to save some money on your granite bar or countertops. Brown, light beige, tan, and other neutral colors are often the most popular.
Paint Colors or Types – Restaurant renovations take place in a relatively large area, and it’s important to realize that the paint job will take more time than you may think. It takes time to carefully paint around areas such as windows and trims, as well as color changes, designs and feature walls. You’ll want to make sure a high-quality, satin-finish paint is used that can withstand the daily wear and tear environment.
New or Upgraded Fixtures – Don’t forget details such as light fixtures and menu holders, coat racks and shelving. While these may seem to be minor details, they can have a large impact on the way your restaurant remodeling project looks in the end.

Our Reviews

  • ”With the help of Crew Builders the dream for JDM Salon has become a reality. We brought our concepts and vision and with the expertise and creative leadership Crew Builders has to offer, turned our dream into a successful high-end salon. Throughout the entire process we experienced professional, highly skilled workmanship extending all the way from leadership to each subcontractor. With the help of Crew Builders, we are living our dream.”

    - Wendy McGill,
    JDM Salon

  • ”My experiences with Crew Builders have been nothing but positive. I have found them to have a “can do” attitude with every project we’ve worked on together, thorough on their completion of projects, and to always be willing to help in any way possible, even if it’s not relative to a project we may be working on together at the time. They are a great group of people to work with and I look forward to many more projects with them in the future.”

    - John Marzich,
    Fraser McClellan & Associates

  • ”Crew Builders professional yet personable approach to their business sets a new standard of performance in the industry. Their work with our client accelerated the deal and exceeded expectations in cost and time. This is a company you can count on.”

    - Marc Frederick,
    CCIM Associates

  • ”The work was completed ahead of schedule with only one pricing change, due to a change that was not included in the original scope of work. Everyone that we dealt with at Crew Builders including the owner, staff and subcontractors was extremely capable and responsive to our needs. The Crew Builder team made us feel as if we were their only client, even though I know they had running several other jobs at the same time.”

    - Kent McIntosh,