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CREW Builders specializes in the art of building new church spaces or renovating existing facilities. We have an extensive understanding of the spiritual significance these spaces hold and our team merges architectural innovation with reverence for tradition. As a design-build commercial contractor, CREW will handle all aspects of your church build-out or remodel from start to finish including design, architecture, budgeting, project management, and full construction. Our goal is to take your vision and needs and bring them to life, creating an atmosphere to serve your current congregation while welcoming new members throughout the community.

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For over 2 decades, we have worked on a variety of commercial renovations for every type of industry, churches include. We have worked hard to earn the trust of San Diego businesses both large and small that are in need of a reliable commercial contractor to fullfill their needs. The CREW team will develop the right solution that will work for your budget, timeline, and overall ministry needs.

The CREW process will give you a complete master plan that will ultimately lead to a comprehensive short or long-term plan that will deliver a complete ministry solution.

Is your church facility hindering your ministry?
Feeling constricted by limited space?
Don’t know where to start with a construction project?
Caught in an over-designed construction plan?
Unsure how much a new facility will cost?
Is your stage presence outdated?
Don’t have the space you need to serve your community?

These are all questions that lead to a church remodel, and often when the ministry has decided its time to move forward, there will of course be a lot of questions regarding the renovation process, costs, ideas and more. We are well-equipped to walk you and key stakeholders through the entire process, taking the stress off you so that you can continue your focus on the Church's mission.


We are aware that a lof of San Diego church leaders can get overwhelmed with the thought of investing money into their church establishment. Even more so it can be frustrating to think about meeting complicated building codes and permits, and the thought of re-working service for a few weeks in order to implement the needed changes. This is why we provide a design build approach to church remodeling projects, this allows for one point of contact that will handle everything from budgeting, project analysis, obtaining permits, design, and full construction build-out. This will take the stress off the leaders of the Church to allow them to focus on their efforts when the project is done to welcome parishioners back.

As Church leaders understand, providing a welcoming atmosphere to the community is crucial for growing your congregation and message. No matter what type of business, visitors to an establishment enjoy a place that's modern, warm, and is up to date on industry design trends, churches are no different! The team of designers and architects at CREW have years of experience in working with church leaders and non-profits, always keeping in mind budget while helping them establish their goals.

Church Remodel Benefits

There are several benefits that a church remodel offers for both the congregation and the community it serves, here are a 4 key advantages a remodel or renovation brings:

Improved Worship Experience

One of the most profound benefits of a church remodel is the enhancement of the worship experience. As the physical space is redesigned, the atmosphere within the walls is transformed into a sanctuary that creates a deeper connection with the congregation. Improved acoustics and lighting can elevate the power of music and sermons, allowing congregants to immerse themselves more fully into their church experience. Additionally, a well-thought-out reconfiguration of seating and altar arrangements can create a more intimate and inviting setting for prayer and reflection. This improved worship experience not only strengthens the bond between the congregation and their faith but also opens the doors for new members seeking a meaningful connection with their faith and community.

Community Engagement

When a church undergoes a well-executed renovation, it revitalizes the physical space, making more welcoming and accommodating for both the existing congregation and newcomers. The remodel will create a renewed sense of belonging and purpose within the community, drawing people together to participate in various activities, events, and services. No matter if it’s the addition of a comfortable gathering area, improved accessibility, or upgraded technology for multimedia presentations, a remodel can facilitate a broader range of activities or outreach programs, allowing the church to better serve its congregation and the surrounding community. A remodeled church becomes a hub of connection, compassion, and shared faith, strengthening the bonds and deepening the sense of unity among its members.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

When a church undergoes renovations or a remodel with a focus on accessibility, it demonstrates a commitment to making sure that everyone, regardless of physical limitations or mobility challenges, can actively participate in all activities. Wheelchair ramps, wider doorways, and accessible restrooms are just a few modifications that can make a church more welcoming to individuals with disabilities. A remodel also provides the opportunity to create an inclusive environment by reconfiguring seating arrangements to accommodate diverse congregational needs, providing hearing assistance systems, and incorporating inclusive design principles that consider the needs of people of all ages and abilities.

Crew a New Heritage

A significant benefit of a church remodel is the opportunity to create a heritage that honors the rich history and traditions of the congregation while bringing it to the modern age. A church can become a living testament to its past, preserving architectural elements and cherished memories for future generations to appreciate and connect with. By blending the old with the new, a renovated church can not only provide a more comfortable and functional space for worship but also serve as a powerful symbol of continuity and community.


Why Interior Design Matters

Don't make a big mistake by chasing trends or over-doing your design finishes. this can be a quick way to waste unnecessary dollars trying to be "hip" when the budget dollars simply aren't there.

Architecture plays a HUGE role in the comfort of the church establishment. When the wrong architecture is used, can make the church feel dim and outdated, but when our team of experts is on the job, we will look to create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, to keep the church modern and a place where community members want to attend.

Let the church interior design team at CREW Builders develop a unique design, specific to your church. We fully understand the contraints many congregations face when its time to do a church renovation, we will work side by side with you to help refresh your church space in a cost-effective manner to attract new members and provide the current congregation with a beautiful setting for worship.

Why CREW Builders?

Design Build Approach

A Design-Build Contractor is a dynamic and efficient project delivery approach that consolidates the design and construction phases under a single contract with a single point of responsibility. This integrated method streamlines the construction process by fostering collaboration between designers and builders from the project's inception. Design-Build Contractors are uniquely positioned to offer clients a seamless and cost-effective solution, as they are responsible for both the project's design and its construction, thus enabling better communication, quicker decision-making, and more effective problem-solving. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also encourages innovation and flexibility, ultimately delivering projects that are often completed on time and within budget, making it a popular choice for a wide range of construction projects.


The leadership team combines over 40 years of cutting-edge experience in the construction industry. Through refined supplier relationships and sophisticated dynamic designs, our goal is to provide high-profile projects within budget and on schedule. This value and attention to detail is one of the reasons 95% of our work is from repeat clients.

Project Management

The project management services we provide are so effective they can be done either via conference call, by email or on-site with weekly progress meetings. We lead a great team by empowering all involved in the project and we are all accountable to another. We work seamlessly with owner vendors (IE tel/data vendors, furniture vendors etc) and can assist with coordination. The expertise that our leadership brings is unparallel and ensures success. Our projects are critical to our survival, and we put great effort into each and every one.


Specializing as a Commercial General Contractor. CREW's extensive experience in redevelopment and tenant improvement provides an unparalleled scope. The leadership team combines over 40 years of cutting-edge experience in the construction industry. We work with clients in a wide range of industries from office building remodelsindustrial facility remodelsrestaurant renovationsgym / fitness centers build-outs, and much more!

If you have any questions for the team at CREW or would like for us to submit a bid, please fill out our
"Request Information" form or give us a call!


Proudly Serving All of San Diego

Proudly serving all regions of San Diego including Poway church renovationsCarlsbad church renovationsEl Cajon church renovation and Mission Valley church renovations much more!  From our Orange County location, we can help with your Orange County church remodel needs as well!

Our Reviews

  • ”With the help of Crew Builders the dream for JDM Salon has become a reality. We brought our concepts and vision and with the expertise and creative leadership Crew Builders has to offer, turned our dream into a successful high-end salon. Throughout the entire process we experienced professional, highly skilled workmanship extending all the way from leadership to each subcontractor. With the help of Crew Builders, we are living our dream.”

    - Wendy McGill,
    JDM Salon

  • ”My experiences with Crew Builders have been nothing but positive. I have found them to have a “can do” attitude with every project we’ve worked on together, thorough on their completion of projects, and to always be willing to help in any way possible, even if it’s not relative to a project we may be working on together at the time. They are a great group of people to work with and I look forward to many more projects with them in the future.”

    - John Marzich,
    Fraser McClellan & Associates

  • ”Crew Builders professional yet personable approach to their business sets a new standard of performance in the industry. Their work with our client accelerated the deal and exceeded expectations in cost and time. This is a company you can count on.”

    - Marc Frederick,
    CCIM Associates

  • ”The work was completed ahead of schedule with only one pricing change, due to a change that was not included in the original scope of work. Everyone that we dealt with at Crew Builders including the owner, staff and subcontractors was extremely capable and responsive to our needs. The Crew Builder team made us feel as if we were their only client, even though I know they had running several other jobs at the same time.”

    - Kent McIntosh,