Medical Office Tenant Improvement

When it comes to a medical office tenant improvement or medical facility renovations, there are a few demographics to keep in mind including physicians, nurses, support staff and patients. There are a wide range of "medical" industries but the primary goal of all medical facility is to provide a relaxing setting for patients, and an efficient environment for physicians and staff.

CREW Builders will take the time to understand what specific medical industry you are serving and listen to your needs and vision are for the tenant renovation project. Medical office tenant improvement needs to balance practicality, functionality, and comfort. We have become Southern California's experts in all areas of commercial tenant improvement services, and we will work hard to maximize any office space to fulfill all the requirements all your project needs and requirements..

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Medical Tenant Improvement

Medical Tenant Improvement Projects Include

There is a reason that clients come back to CREW Builders time and again for their tenant improvement projects and requests. We take pride in excelling at medical construction, no matter if it entails expanding your medical office or facility, renovating an existing facility, or remodeling the patient service center, each project is done meticulously from start to finish.

Common Areas of Renovation in Medical Offices

Reception Areas
Patient Waiting Rooms
Physician Offices
Data Storage Rooms
Procedure Rooms and Blood Draw Rooms
Testing Laboratories
Staff and Doctor Breakrooms
ADA Compliant Restrooms


Keeping your vision in mind, CREW Builders will provide all the interior finishes to bring your vision to life. From modern lighting, custom countertops, plumbing, dry wall, HVAC, and more.


Most medical office and facilities require a reception area, offices, kitchen, meeting area as well as ADA compliant bathrooms (and showers if needed). When our team of experts evaluates your project we will also bring ideas to the table. Our qualified team of experts will handle every aspect from start to finish, taking the stress off you and your team

The final handover will be a warm and appealing space that is enjoyed by both staff and guests.

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