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CREW Builders has earned the reputation as a trusted commercial construction company throughout San Diego that has become the EXPERTS in the restaurant construction and restaurant remodeling industry. Our team builds unique and one of a kind restaurants by providing a detailed focus on our clients goals and vision. No matter if you are a brand new restaurant or a restaurant simply looking to get a fresh start, we will evaluate your needs, budget, and timeline to make sure you get exactly what you vision. We have the ability to help with upscale restaurants, casual dining restaurants, and even small restaurants for targeted to the very casual diner.

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By bringing a solid process, mixed with design build and expertise when approaching a restaurant remodel, we have the "know how" to get the job done right. CREW will beome a part of your team to complete your project on time and within budget.

Restaurant Remodeling Experts

When it comes to restaurant construction or restaurant remodels, they have their very own specifics that need to be met. The restaurant itself must comply with the sanitary and fire regulations, ADA compliance, along with technological and environmental standards. Mix all that with the need to build an aesthetically pleasing front of the house decor to provide a comforting atmosphere for the patrons. We understand there is a fine balance with restaurants in regards to front of the house and back of the house (kitchen) needs. We can help improve processes for the overall restaurant functionality while meeting the "brand" your restaurant wishes to convey to the outside world.

If you feel that your restaurant is in need of a professional remodel, or you want to come up with an
absolutely new concept, CREW can help you achieve your goals.

Design Build Commercial Contractor

A design-build commercial contractor is a project delivery approach that integrates the design and construction phases of a commercial project under a single contact. In this model, CREW will take on the responsibility of both designing and building the project, giving you a streamlined and cohesive process. Unlike the traditional design-bid-build approach where the company hires a separate designers and contactor, the design-build method fosters collaboration from the start and leads to a faster project completion and cost savings.

CREW Builders will manage the entire project from the initial planning stage all the way through completion. This includes design and architecture, obtaining permits, managing specialized subcontractors, and full build-out. It allows for a seamless flow of information, fast decision-making, and the ability to adapt to changes efficiently. CREW provides innovative solutions to complex challenges, reducing the need for redesigns and costly changes during construction. Your project will have a professional project manager dedicated to your restaurant remodel that will keep you and key stakeholders updated on a consistent basis so you can focus on your future business plans.

The Power of a Restaurant Remodel

A restaurant remodel isn't just about updating the aesthetics; it's a strategic move that can revitalize your business in numerous ways:

Improved Aesthetics

Improving the visual appeal of your restaurant through a comprehensive remodel offers a variety of benefits that extend beyond the surface. The foremost advantage lies in the improved aesthetics that instantly captivate and engage patrons. A renovated interior with contemporary design elements, comfortable color schemes, and thoughtfully curated décor creates an ambiance that stimulates customer interest and elevates their dining experiences. Visually pleasing surroundings goes beyond mere aesthetics, it sets the stage for positive first impressions, encouraging social media sharing, and fostering a lasting connection between your restaurant and its clientele. By investing in a restaurant remodel that prioritizes improved aesthetics, you’re not only maximizing the physical space but also establishing a distinct brand identity that resonates with customers.

Better Functionality

Beyond the aesthetic facelift, the reimagining of a restaurant’s interior layout and design can greatly improve operational efficiency. Cleverly positioned tables can optimize seating capacity, while strategically placed service stations help with staff workflows. The integration of moder kitchen equipment and technology can speed up the cooking process, leading to shorter wait times and increased customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a seamless flow between the front of the house and kitchen, or the arrangement of dining areas, a well-executed restaurant remodel can redefine how the establishment functions.

Brand Reinforcement

A restaurant remodel provides a remarkable opportunity to change not just the physical space, but to evoke a profound sense of brand reinforcement. Every color detail and piece of décor, along with strategic layout adjustments, creates a story that speaks directly to patron’s perceptions. These transformations not only rejuvenate the ambiance but also breathe new life into the brand itself. As walls shed their old skins and spaces are re-created, a restaurant’s identity can be revitalized, creating a lasting impression that will go beyond the food itself.

Staff Morale

A restaurant remodel possesses a remarkable ability to elevate staff morale to new heights. Beyond the transformation of the physical space, the renewal of a restaurant’s ambiance can breathe fresh life and excitement to its employees. Witnessing the workplace undergoing a remodel creates a sense of pride while cultivating a renewed dedication to their roles. When the restaurant is finally finished and ready to welcome patrons, employees will have a greater sense of pride which will show with the welcoming of the diners.

Restaurant Build Outs

If you have found a location that will be the perfect spot for the restaurant you vision and dream of, simply let us know and we will be able to bring it to reality! No matter what type of restaurant you envision, or what style of decor, our team of designers are ready to get to work to lay out the plan for the restaurant build-out.

Restaurant Kitchens

As any restaurant owner knows, the kitchen is the most important part of the establishment. How organized and well kept a restaurant kitchen can be is an indicator as to whether to visit this particular restaurant. This is why we offer services to update this area to modern standards including quality and hygiene.

Theme and Decor

Of course the theme and decor is what separates you from other restaurants in your vicinity, so its a worthwhile approach to develop the decor and interior concepts of the restaurant to match your "style" and type of environment you wish to create for your customers. The creative team at CREW can help you design the look and feel!

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Specializing as a commercial tenant improvement general contractor, CREW Builders has extensive experience in commercial renovations and tenant improvements. With over 40 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, our refined relationships and sophisticated designs provide high-profile renovations within budget and on schedule.  We work with commercial clients of all industries including office remodelsindustrial facilitiesmedical officesretail boutiquesfitness centershospitality, and even churches!  As a design-build contractor, our team will handle all aspects of the project from design and architecture, project planning, budgeting, obtaining permits, managing sub-contractors, project management, and full build-out!  

If you have any questions or would like us to place a bid, please fill out
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CREW Builders is a licensed restaurant general contractors in San Diego and serves customers in La Jolla, Del Mar, Poway, Carlsbad, Mission Valley, Oceanside and Rancho Santa Fe and other areas across the County of San Diego..

Our Reviews

  • ”With the help of Crew Builders the dream for JDM Salon has become a reality. We brought our concepts and vision and with the expertise and creative leadership Crew Builders has to offer, turned our dream into a successful high-end salon. Throughout the entire process we experienced professional, highly skilled workmanship extending all the way from leadership to each subcontractor. With the help of Crew Builders, we are living our dream.”

    - Wendy McGill,
    JDM Salon

  • ”My experiences with Crew Builders have been nothing but positive. I have found them to have a “can do” attitude with every project we’ve worked on together, thorough on their completion of projects, and to always be willing to help in any way possible, even if it’s not relative to a project we may be working on together at the time. They are a great group of people to work with and I look forward to many more projects with them in the future.”

    - John Marzich,
    Fraser McClellan & Associates

  • ”Crew Builders professional yet personable approach to their business sets a new standard of performance in the industry. Their work with our client accelerated the deal and exceeded expectations in cost and time. This is a company you can count on.”

    - Marc Frederick,
    CCIM Associates

  • ”The work was completed ahead of schedule with only one pricing change, due to a change that was not included in the original scope of work. Everyone that we dealt with at Crew Builders including the owner, staff and subcontractors was extremely capable and responsive to our needs. The Crew Builder team made us feel as if we were their only client, even though I know they had running several other jobs at the same time.”

    - Kent McIntosh,